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Advanced Heat Protection

Llumar window tint offers high quality technology that will not only protect you and your loved ones from 99% of all dangerous skin cancer-causing UV rays, but also provides maximum interior protection for your vehicle and a temperature drop of up to 30 degrees. 

Enhanced Style and Appearance

While some customers prefer tint for the protection features, others are just looking for a way to make their vehicle stand out. Llumar tint allows for comfort and style, upgrading the appearance of every vehicle! 

Finished Tint Job

Why Llumar?

Llumar is a worldly recognized window tinting dealer with locations across the US and Canada. JT Auto Glass and Tint is one of only 3 Llumar dealers in all of Idaho, and one of only two locations within the entire Southern half. JT Auto is proud to be a part of the Global Llumar Network, and to bring such a well known brand to Idaho offering our customers the best-of-the-best!

Our Combined Warranty

Something that we can all agree on is that quality shows. Our commitment to you as our customer is that we will provide a quality tint, done by a skilled installer, and a reputable brand. Llumar and JT offer a life time warranty for EVERY INSTALL. We are here to welcome you into the family that we have built with this company, and as long as the vehicle is in your care, we'll take care of it's tint. 

ATR Metalized Series

Metallized Tint

  • Enhanced Style and Comfort 
  • Excellent Heat Rejection
  • 99% UV Protection 
  • Provides Privacy for Passengers and Belongings
  • Lessens The Effect Of Glare From Outside  

CTX Nano-Ceramic Series

Ceramic Tint

  • Advanced Technology That Won't Interfere With Electronics
  • Superior Interior Protection
  • Soft Color and Sleek Appearance  
  • Higher End Material - Recommended for Newer Vehicles 
  • Infrared Ray Protection 

*Recommended by Skin Cancer Foundation

AIR Series

Clear Tint

  • Great for Customers Who Don't Want a Tinted Look 
  • Comfortable and Smooth Design
  • Adds Performance and Protection to Factory Privacy Glass 
  • Great for Clear Application On Windshields 

*Recommended by Skin Cancer Foundation 

*For More Information On Llumar Products Please Visit Their Website At  https://northamerica.llumar.com/automotive-film/types-of-automotive-film